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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bit By Bit Information for Hard Drive Data Recovery

Have you ever wondered how computer data recovery is carried out? What happens to the files when they get removed from your recycle bin? How the data recovery software work? How is the computer data recovery executed?

In order to understand the functioning of data recovery, you must first comprehend what happens when any file is get deleted. Does the file get completely wiped from the hard drive once it's deleted? The answer is- no. Firstly when a file is deleted, only the file location pointer from the file system table is deleted. The file remains on your hard drive but it becomes inaccessible.

The misapprehension within the practical world gives us a counterfeit picture of how the files are really stored on the hard drives. The partitions, volumes and the drives that we observe on our computer are not arranged that way in fact. The drive stores data in clusters unlike the ways it is showed on the monitor.

The operating system (using the file system table) knows which file is stored here. When the file is removed, the operating system, just deletes file only from the list without really deleting it from the hard drive.

The data recovery involves a number of simple steps to recover the lost data. The first step is to settle on the type of recovery required. Accordingly, suitable data recovery software is installed and run. The scan can be confined to a drive or directory. The whole disk can also be scanned using data recovery software.

Once the details are fed to the data recovery software, it's only a matter of time that the target, lost data or partitions/volumes, comes out. From the list of the recoverable files, you have to select the target file for which the scan was intended and recover it.

You should always bear in mind that after the data loss, no file, data, and application should be added or removed to/from the hard drive. It can cause data overwriting and finally permanent data loss.

The data recovery software are varying from the operating system to operating system and their file system to file system. You should always go for a powerful and efficient data recovery software that provides support for your operating system and file system combination.

Stellar Information Systems Ltd is the principal data recovery company with a golden track record in providing data recovery software for all computer operating systems and their corresponding file systems. Company has more than 15 years of rich experience in providing comprehensive data recovery software for addressing each kind of logical data loss problem.

The data recovery software offered by Stellar are highly developed and extremely powerful that do a thorough scan of the affected hard drive and retrieve as much data as possible. No harm will be made to the integrity of your precious data by these data recovery software as of the read only and non destructive behavior.

Interactive and simple user interface with the rich graphic support of these software won't let you feel the need of high technical knowledge. These are very easy to use and quick to recover the data.

About the Author

Simpson is a freelancer for Stellar which offers data recovery software and file recovery programs for different OS and file system.

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