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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Entrecard, help your blog grow

It's amazing!!!!!!
The Clever ways to grow your blog going crazy...
with, Entrecard, you will not only find a significant amount of quality targeted traffic coming your way for free, but you will discover a whole new way to advertise on thousands of blogs.
want to know how???

Entrecard utilizes a virtual currency call EC (Entrecard Credits), with EC that you earn, you can purchase advertisements on thousands of blogs, or shop for hundred of products and services in entrecard virtual market place. don't worry, EC do not cost you any money

and also follow these strategies to add some "super glue" to your blog, and make it sticky!
- Start your post with an interesting image.
This is the easiest and most effective way to instantly grab someone's attention. Article is the king, cause if you have a bad article, so you don't have traffic
- create a catchy tittle for your post.
the truth is you'd probably be amazed to know how much impact an eye catching tittle will have on your blog stickiness.
- making you blog's theme nique and attractive possible.
the more attractive and unique the overall design and theme of your blog is, the stickier it will be.

these strategies draw people in. and help turn a passer by into a reader,or even a subscriber. in the end Entrecard will expose people to your blog, guaranteed.

Wanna Try Entrecard???
Then what are you waiting for?
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