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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Protect Eyes from radiation Computers!

Protect Eyes from radiation Computers!

Did you know that the electromagnetic radiation waves that caused the computer can disrupt health? Studies conducted by the American Optometric Association (aoa) strike that radiation can cause computer eye fatigue and other disturbances eyes. Most respondents had symptoms that made eye fatigue is a problem, the view becomes blurred and dry eyes. Other visual problems that arise are a matter of interference headache and sore neck or shoulder. So for you who often hangouts in front of the computer, and protect your eyes from the treatment radiation that arise. Here are some tips that can be done to avoid it.
1. Use protective computer screen (filter) to reduce the radiation caused the computer.
2. Select a computer screen that has a low radiation, such as screen LCD (liquid Crystal display).
3. Maintain distance with the eyes of the monitor. Ideally, the minimum distance between the eyes with a computer monitor is 45 cm.
4. Adjust the position of a computer screen with the eyes, not the altitude and not too low because it can cause neck pain. Should monitor screen positioned parallel to the eyes.

5. Adjust the lighting intensity of the monitor with the convenience of the eye.
Brightness is too light or too dark are not good for the health of the eye. The lighting is too bright eyes will be dazzled, while the lighting is too dark and only make the eyes work harder to see.
6. Rest the eyes a moment.
Do not continuously view the computer screen. Try to provide a few minutes to rest your eyes. This will reduce eye fatigue and muscle. Refresh eye with regard to the other room or look beautiful sky blue or green plants.
7. you must often blink of the eye in order to avoid dry eyes.
because with the blinking eyes will tear, which will spread to the entire surface of the eye corneas to keep still and humid clear.
8. Use glasses with special lenses for the computer. Users also have the contact lens solution, that is changing with the new generation of contact lenses made from Silicon hydrogel. "Silicon is the type of power transmission allows oxygen is higher than that of another," Schlanger said.
9. consumption of vitamin A that the eye remains in good condition.
10. If you experience interference eyes, immediately went to the eye doctor to ensure that your eyes are really healthy.

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