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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Save our data before reformat hard disk

One of the biggest problems we are facing at the time of having to reformat the hard disk is to do with the data we have. The problem is most of all for the great number of them that we have.

Let's see what we can save data and how.

First let's see how to save:
We can save on any external storage, eg on a removable hard drive or recording to CD or DVD. The means chosen will depend on our availability, as well as the volume of such data.
Many of them can be compressed (in ZIP or RAR), but there are also many who are already in compressed format, so it is not possible to compress more.

We can compress files that are generated by the program office (World, Excel, Access, PowerPoint ...), BMP pictures and data from other programs, like Corel, Photoshop. etc.

Among those we can not compress all the photography and compressed format (JPG, GIF ..), video (MPEG, WMV), sound (MP3, WAV).

The best way (and faster) would move our data to an external hard drive, followed by the DVD capacity. The CD option is not valid if there are too many files you have to save.

Second, let's see what we have to save:

First, because we must review our records, this would be a good time to clean and get rid of those files that have on your computer, but never used.

Seen this, let's see what we are interested in saving.

The first thing we have to save all our documents (letters, spreadsheets, databases), especially those going to be impossible to retrieve.
This is the best option to save the data in these programs, because only then will, once installed the program again, retrieve the data.

we can also save e-mail and contacts, as most management programs have an option to mail it. In the case of Outlook can export data to a file. PST.

In Windows XP, we can save our Internet favorites. These are found in the Favorites folder Documents and Setting - user name. We can save what is in the desktop shortcuts but it is preferable to re-create them. Remember that Windows Vista Documents and Setting folder renamed to Users.

We can also make copies of your images (photographs, videos ...), and now we're at it, we take both for cleaning and to back on CD with a certain order to facilitate its subsequent search, as they can restore the disk only those who really want to take that disc.
We can do the same with our music (who does not have a number of songs stored for quite some time, but you want to keep listening only very late in the afternoon).

It is very important to get a copy of the drivers we have on our hard drive (I mean that installers, for one reason or another, have had to go down and no longer have the CD).

We must also support the installation of freeware or shareware type programs that we have in our record.

Let's see those things that do not need a backup.

- Programs:
The programs themselves need not move to any support, since all they need to follow an installation process, you only need to back up the data that we have created with them.
The exception to this are programs that do not require an installation, including some based on MS-DOS and a few that do not make entries in the records.

- Installers messaging programs:
Installers messaging programs such as Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger and others, need not endorse it because it is preferable to re-download the latest version. The exception would be if out of necessity or for pleasure we use a specific version and have installer on your computer (many people prefer to have the Messenger 7.5 instead of the latest version).

- Mail:
The Web-based mail (Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo) are on our mail servers, so that once again available we will connect all of our messages and our contacts.

It is very important that before formatting make sure we have at hand all the keys and passwords, both the program and our mail accounts.

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