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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Automatic System Recovery and Emergency Repair Disk

thanks to suren dhar for sent me a question by email.
i will explain the differentiate between Automatic System Recovery and Emergency Repair Disk.

Automatic System Recovery, allows you to backup and restore the system disk. it has the same function with Acronics True Image Home 2009, i have posted before... it can copy entire PC, including operating system, applications, user settings, and all data; If a system or disk crash, virus attack or other failure, restore entire system disk in minutes.

the Automatic System Recovery (ASR) is only available on windows xp professional.
in the use of ASR, it will create ASR Floppy Disk and ASR Back up file.
How to create ASR? Follow these steps....
- click "backup" on Start menu, Accessories, system tools.

- Follow the simple wizard on creation of backup file and floppy disk automatic system recovery.
- After finishing the creation of those files above, save the backup file and floppy disk automatic system recovery.

how to restore the system using backup file of ASR and floppy disk automatic system restore? it's quite easy...

- Insert your Windows XP Professional Installation CD-ROM and boot from CD-ROM
- Be prepared : as soon as at the bottom of the screen the message :
"Press F2 to run Automated System Recovery (ASR) ..." is displayed, press F2,
so have your finger ready on top of the F2-key to press it as soon as you see
- Insert the ASR floppy disk when prompted. it needs a few second to prepared the Automatic system restore, it will format your drive c: so, save your data if there are some mistakes on ASR Process.
- Follow the simple wizard, it will ask you where your backup file of ASR located.
wait until it restores all you drive.

Emergency Repair Disk, An Emergency Repair Disk has several uses. It lets you recover from a system crash caused by corrupted files or boot a system with an NT start up program problem, without having to reinstall NT. for example, if you face some problems when you start your windows such as NTOSKRNL IS MISSING, HAL.DLL IS MISSING OR CORRUPTED, NTLDR IS MISSING.
you will need an Emergency Repair disk to recover the problem.

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