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Friday, March 6, 2009

faster a slow pc

When we want to start up our PC or laptop sometimes its need take a long time, and its wasting time, even when starting up my computer I can do something else while wait the windows opened, this is so annoying, I will share several tips to make your booting PC becomes faster. First you can cleaning the old file and need big space like movies, songs, image or anything that have big file size, you can delete it or you can move the file to your external hard disc or burn it into your CD, its can help your PC boot will faster, because when the PC booting the windows too hard to load this big file.

Other way is you must checking your Antivirus software, you can check is the program set automatically each time the windows is starting up? If yes you can stop this default, because some of antivirus using automatically scanning each time the windows are booted up, but not all antivirus does.

Your computer slowly maybe because you install too many unnecessary software, this can make your windows system work hard when boot up, the solution is you can uninstall the unnecessary software that you never use or you can add RAM memory to your PC, you can upgrade the Hard disc.

Other things is maybe your computer infected by virus and spyware or other Trojan, that make your windows system becomes so slow, the best way is you can scan it one b one on each directory partition or you can reinstall the windows, reinstall the windows is a good option but you can lose your data on C drive, so its better if you make backup file first, if you don’t want there virus or Trojan again and never want to scan virus again you may using deep freeze on your computer.

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