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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tips - Search Engine Optimization

Here are tips on SEO to improve the page rank. What's the use in having a great product or website if no one sees it. Having the top spots on search engines is crucial to getting traffic, and having internet success. Search engine optimization can be classified as strategy towards getting a higher rank in the search engines. There are many different search engine optimization tips and tricks that people are using to get the highest ranks in Google and other popular search engines.

One thing that search engines look at is how many links you have to your website. A website with 100 different links leading to it, is going to rank higher on Google than a site with 25 links. A way of getting more links is having advertisements on other sites and making blogs or forum posts with your link included.

Another ranking criteria is your content and relevancy. If you have a product called "become a better athlete", you should have the words "become a better athlete" quite often on your website. So when people search for "becoming a better athlete", the search engines see your page as being more relevant, therefore landing you a higher spot.

he lasts strategy is to pay for Google ad words. These are the pages on the right Google, and can cost anywhere from 25 cents a click to $10 per click. They can get expensive, and you should be aware of the "Google slap". You may be paying $2 for a spot on Google ad words when all of a sudden, Google "slaps" you and charges $10.

Of course, these are just a few tips for search engine optimization, and there are many other ways of obtaining a high rank in Google.

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