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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to Repair Hard Drive

Suddenly, your computer no longer recognizes the hard drive. The device has disappeared from the operating system and there is no way to access information on your hard disk.
Can I recover a damaged hard drive? Repairing a hard drive.
You wonder, can I recover data from hard drive?.
The answer is almost always Yes.

"How to repair your hard drive, or at least recover the data?"

The option most likely to succeed is to attend any of the companies that specialize in data recovery, since they have experience, spare parts, tools and facilities. In most cases, the data retrieved from the hard disk without problems. Only in case of catastrophic accidents, such as a fire has melted the plates with magnetic material, a data recovery company will not be able to retrieve information from your hard disk.
Have budget in several companies and see their free services.

If you have no budget for ordering the repair of the hard drive to a company, follow the guide to recover a hard drive that you will be elaborated with the experiences of hundreds of technicians in hardware:

Guide to recover a hard drive
Step 1: Determine if a mechanical or electronic problem

The hard disk has two distinct modules:
1.- The electronic module, which contains all the circuitry to control the disk
2.- The mechanical module, which is enclosed in a metal casing and contains plates with the material and magnetic head read / write the hard disk.

Determine if the fault is in the form electronic or mechanical.
To do this, verify if the disk is rotating when the PC boots. Remove the hard drive of your computer to the anchors, to keep available, but keep it connected. Turn on the computer. If the disc spins, the notice to it, by the vibration and hear the noise of the engine:
1.- If the disk rotates normally, with no strange noises, but is not recognized by the computer. Possible problem of electronics.
2.- If the hard disk does not rotate. Possible mechanical problem.
3.- If the hard disk makes a strange noise. Mechanical problem with safety.

Recovering a hard drive with problems in electronics
The only solution here is to get a second hard drive, the same faulty part and replace faulty electronic record for the second disc. The challenge here is to get a disk identical to the faulty because the electronics separate from the mechanics to make the substitution is a relatively simple task.
If you can not find a replacement for the electronics of the hard disk, go to a specialist in data recovery, because they have plenty of spare parts, original or compatible, for most of the disks in the market. Request free at several of these companies.
As a last resort, try the freezing method described below, you may be able to "resurrect" a defective electronic component.
Recovering a hard drive with mechanical problems
Solution 1: Hard Disk freeze
The solution is more likely to succeed, believe it or not, freeze the hard drive. It is not no joke!
Among the problems are more frequent mechanical deformations of the plates by overheating. The deformed plate is unable to turn or only with difficulty, causing malfunction of the hard disk.
By freezing the hard drive, retrieves the element deformed temporarily form. The time to dump the data on another hard disk.
To apply this technique correctly, follow these steps:
1.- Wrap the damaged hard drive in a plastic bag so that moisture does not affect and target the hard drive in a freezer for at least 4 hours.
2.- Make a second hard drive to collect information from damaged hard drive.
3.- After the 4 hours, remove the hard drive from the freezer. Do not remove the bag to prevent condensation affecting the electronics. Remove only the cables and connect the hard disk without screw to save time.
4.- If you have been lucky, and the damaged boot disk, copy the key data points on the second hard disk.
5.- If the damaged hard drive failure before it has recovered all the data, try freezing it again.
Solution 2: Change the position of the hard disk
Sometimes changing the position of the disc may solve the problem. If the original hard disk was horizontal, try switching to vertical, or upside down.
Boot the computer and cross your fingers ...
Solution 3: hit the hard drive or drop
Other times, the hard disk does not rotate because the heads have been glued to the plate. In these cases, to recover the hard disk must be left to fall on a firm surface from a height of about 20 cm.
If once is not enough, try to drop on all four sides.
You can also hit in the side with the palm of your hand.

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