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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prevent Virus

Do you have problem about viruses in your computer? Did you observed that your computer is going slower? I think you are attacked by viruses. VIRUS stands for Vital Information Resource Under Siege. It is a computer program that that copy itself and infect computer without the knowledge of the user. Computer viruses have methods to avoid them from detection such as Stealth, Self-modification, Encryption with a variable key, Polymorphic code and Metamorphic code. To read more about computer virus click me. Computer viruses has many kinds like WORM (Write Once Read Many), Trojan, Malware, Adware, etc.

I have so many experiences about computer viruses like WORM.Brontok. When WORM.Brontok attacked many computer in the whole world I was also one of the victim of it. I remember when I used the computer of my older sister in her office I was downloading many games like flash games, application games, etc. When suddenly the computer hangs and the message box shows. A 60 seconds timer is running and saying that this computer is infected by virus. My heart is beating faster and I was saying “What should I do? What should i do? Help me God.” I tried to search for antivirus but because WORM.Brontok is not being detected by any antivirus at that time so I contact the technician of their office. But even the technician has nothing to do with WORM.Brontok. I started to search again antivirus and downloaded it.

Since then I started to prevent computer viruses from infecting computer I used. Flash disk, Floppy disk and CD’s/DVD’s are devices that cause in spreading computer viruses. By inserting it from one computer which is being infected by virus and inserted it to another computer without knowing that it is infected by virus so the virus is now transferred to that computer. Computer viruses will not infect your computer if it is not triggered. Based on my experience, I have some tips on how to prevent computer viruses infect your computer.

Tip 1. You must have antivirus! If you are advanced user and see that you can manage your computer without the help of antivirus it is up to you. But for normal users, provide antivirus for your computer. Avira, Avast, AVG, BitDefender, F-Secure AntiVirus, McAfee, Norton Antivirus, Trend Micro Antivirus are examples of trusted antivirus but please see the requirements if it meets the specification of your computer. Currently I used Avira Premium for my antivirus. It is effective antivirus for preventing all threats from viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, phishings, adware, spyware, bots, and dangerous “drive-by” downloads and ir is light.

Tip 2. Do not double-click your flash drive/CD’s from my computer folder. This is one action that triggered virus from your devices used. You can open it in the address bar found at the top of the window writing its assigned letter drive. You can also press F6 to go to the address bar or click it. For example: f: it is written as “f”. You can open it also by clicking the dropdown menu and it will show you the list of the drives and folders and click your CD/DVD drive/flash disk/Removable media. Or you can press also F4 it will automatically show the dropdown menu.

Tip 3. Avoid clicking folder like icon. Try to hover the folder and the tips will show you if that folder is really a folder or application. WORM virus is using the folder icon to trick the user to trigger them. You can view also if it is folder or application by right-click and see his properties. You can also see if it is really application or folder if you used to see the extension of the file. Like for example: “My Pictures.exe”, based on this example you can see that this file is an application and it will give you a clue that this is virus because no softwares are naming thier installer as My Picture.exe. If you wish to see the extension go to Tools->Folder Options->View Tab->(Uncheck) Hide extension for known file types and apply it!

Tip 4. Avoid visiting malicious sites. Many sites are made to spread viruses or their content or files that found in their sites has attached by virus.

Tip 5. If you observed that your computer is being infected by virus please contact IT technician immediately. You can also contact me. Please see my contact us page.

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