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Saturday, March 14, 2009

create a blog with blogger.com

why Blogger?
3.Easy to post
4.A number of highly customized blogger templates are available for free
5.No need to break our heads with the HTML
6.No worry about downtime

Let's Start
1. Go to Blogger.com
2. Click "Create Your Blog Now"

If you already have a google account, just sign in with your google account, as shown in picture below

3. Type your email address again, in display name, type your name you'd like to display on public, it will be displayed as an author name of your post. fill in the word verification correctly, then continue, don't forget to check the acceptance of terms. 4. Choose a name for your blog
5. Choose Your Template 6. It's Done

i have a video tutorial that you can watch for further explanation.

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