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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Basic Introduction Of Computer

The introduction of the components inside your CPU

I. Motherboard

Basically, this is the basic of the CPU. this is the body of your CPU. On the main board computer, there are places other components are placed. The components that determine the components of other components that will be placed.

The main components of the motherboard, in general, there are:

1. slot for the processor placed. Consists of many small holes.
2. Some PCI slot for additional multimedia.
3. An AGP slot
4. Some of the DIMM slot for external memory.
5. Two slots for the IDE drive of the computer.
6. BIOS batteries. Please note. If damaged or exhausted, then the BIOS settings will be lost.
7. A slot for the floppy disk.
8. Some terminals for resources. For example, electricity to the motherboard, the CPU fan, Casing fan, the main panel, etc..
9. USB terminal. In some Casing provides computer's USB port in front of the case. Electricity port should be linked with the terminals.
10. additional onboard equipment (if any). For example, such as LAN card (Ethernet card), Sound card, VGA card, I / O peripherals.

Things that must be considered in selecting the motherboard:

1. See the front memory of the motherboard. The value must be greater than the front processor or memory of the computer can not be used. This value can be seen in a guide book
2. See chipset from the motherboard. What is the best intelligence, and then via sis. Do not be fooled by the same motherboard vendor such as: ASUS, but the price may vary because of different chipsetnya.
3. Expansion slots are available to support multimedia device.
4. I / O peripherals such as COM1 ports, LPT, Game port, USB port, etc.

II. Processor

The main brain of the computer. If you hear the usual Pentium I, II, III, IV, etc., do not be fooled by the difference in price improvement because of differences in vendor. Processor is equipped by a fan that works refrigerate processor. because a heavy performance make this component heat fast.

III. Memory (RAM = Random Access Memory)

The function is to buffer frequently used applications. Because the speed of processor too fast so that the motherboard and other components can not be offset in transmitting the data.

there is a static memory slot on the dim. When this memory is at the top of the two types DDRAM & SDRAM. DDRAM consists of two notch and SDRAM consists of three notch.

IV. Drive.

Drive is the main place to store files. This drive consists of hard disk drives as static or dynamic drive (removable disk), such as floppy disks, CD ROM (CD Read Only Memory = can only read data can not write data), etc.

V. Multimedia devices and other Peripherals.

Entering this category are tools such as sound cards, modems, LAN cards, VGA card, etc.. Usually found in the AGP and PCI slots.

VI. Casing

That means to put all the tools mentioned previously. Inside this casing, there are cables for the main panel. For example, hard drive's light, power button, reset button, light, power, speakers, etc.. Inside the Casing also found a power supply to provide a source of energy to the peripheral we used.

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